Field of application

On-off shore, industrial and tertiary petrochemicals.

Piping and carpentry

Prefabrication of metal support;
Laying of pipes useful for the transport and distribution of fluids.


Installation and revamping of compressors and of all auxiliary equipment;
Installation and revamping of turbines and all auxiliary equipment;
Installation and revamping of pumps.


  • manufacture, installation and revamping of tanks;
  • manufacture, installation and revamping of separators;
  • manufacture, installation and revamping of skids: gas tools, water re-launch, chemical injection, water-oil-gas separation, gas heaters, slug catcher;
  • installation and revamping of exchangers;
  • installation and revamping of boilers;
  • installation and revamping of dryers;
  • installation and revamping of ovens;
  • installation and revamping of refining columns;
  • installation and revamping of manifolds manifolds;
  • filter installation and revamping;
  • reactor installation and revamping.


Field of application

On-off shore, industrial and tertiary petrochemicals.

The company design, provide, install, test the following electric equipments and plants:

  • thermoelectric production plants;
  • biomass production plants;
  • alternative energy production plants;
  • electrical rooms;
  • MT/BT transformation rooms;
  • MT/BT switchboards;
  • panel for the the management of Motor Control Center electric engines;
  • panel for the emergency energy supply;
  • panel for the electric distribution at medium and low tension;
  • panel for lightning systems;
  • plants for energy transportation and distribution systems at medium and low tension;
  • intrusion alarms and videosurveillance instrumentations;
  • earthing for electrical systems;
  • systems of protection from atmospheric discharges.


Field of application

On-off shore, industrial and tertiary petrochemicals.

Sudelettra designs, manages, provides, installs, tests and certify, plants with process instrumentation of the following types:

  • flow indicators, temperature, differential pressure, level, flow;
  • electronic transmitters with Hart communication potocolli, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation, volumetric type differential pressure, ultrasonic and V-Cone;
  • staff level transmitters, differential pressure, torsion bar, magnetic stripes, guided-wave multiphase fluid;
  • thermocouple temperature Transmitters or thermoelement with Hart, Profibus communication protocols, Fieldbus Foundation;
  • pressure and differential pressure Transmitters with Hart communication protocol, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation;
  • level switches, temperature switches, electric and pneumatic pressure switches;
  • multivariable Transmitter type with various communication protocol;
  • conductivity Transmitter with Hart communication protocol, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation;
  • PH Transmitter with communication protocol Hart, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation;
  • compressed air control equipment and natural gas;
  • pneumatic controllers and Recorders.

As part of installation, the above activities are preceded by:

  • laying of every avenue instrumental cables (cable trays, conduit, tubing, etc..);
  • instrumental cable laying;
  • complete equipment of Control Rooms.

Booster Pump Room

Field of application

National and international gas Booster Pump Room.

The adopted measures generally include:

  • electro-instrumental decommissioning;
  • opening the machine of the turbine / compressor;
  • substitution or revamping of the auxiliary skids of the machine;
  • refastening of the machine;
  • revamping of any other auxiliary system;
  • substitution of the electric supply panels;
  • substitution of the panels for the control of the machine (Mark V or Mark VI);
  • substitution of the panels for the electric generation (in the case of the generation plants);
  • electro-instrumental interconnecting between engine room and control room;
  • re-equipment of the automation and control systems;
  • calibration and certification of the employed equipment and actuators;
  • assistance for the commissioning and start-up phases.

ESD/PSD/LSD blocks
management systems

Field of application

The activities are performed in Le attività vengono effettuate in on-off shore Oil & Gas plants.

Today, Sudelettra is committed to the design, supply, installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of electro-pneumohydraulic systems for:

  • management of wellhead valves;
  • management of the valves for ESD/PSD/LSD interventions;
  • management of gas heaters systems;
  • management of the discharge of liquids from oil-water-gas separators;
  • management of single and double effect stop valves;
  • management of blow-down valves;
  • management and detection of fire on fusible plugs;
  • management of actuators on packages units.

Fire & Gas

Field of application

The field of application is the one of industrial and tertiary on-off shore petrochemical plants.

Regarding the context of fire detection and extinguishing, the company is today committed to the design, supply, construction, test and maintenance of the following complex integrations:

  • totally integrated fire and gas detection systems;
  • microprocessor-based detection systems with addressable units;
  • conventional systems;
  • integration of F&G systems in DCS/ESD/PSD/LSD systems;
  • fire extinguishing systems based on Inergen o other kinds of extinguishant.


Field of application

The field of application is the one of the on-off shore and tertiary petrochemical plants.

The company, which is certified F-GAS, deals with the design, management, supply, building, testing and maintenance of HVAC plants. In particular, the plants built so far have followed the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractual guidelines and involved the following activities:

  • development of the basic engineering;
  • development of the detailed engineering;
  • management of the procurement;
  • assembly of the main items;
  • assembly of aerolic ducts;
  • assemply of interconnection systems;
  • precommissioning;
  • test and calibration of the instrumentation;
  • commissioning tests and start-up of the plant.

Gas tax measurement

Field of application

The field of application is the one related to the on-off shore gas extraction plants.

The activities that the company developed in this field are the following:

  • takeover of the supply based on the customer needs;
  • elaboration of the basic engineering;
  • elaboration of the detailed engineering;
  • certification of the gas chromatograph for special applications;
  • introduction and certification of the system;
  • building the skid for the gas fiscal measurement;
  • installation of the fiscal measurement system in the process line;
  • precommissioning-Commissioning-Start-up of the System;
  • certification of the System with third party entities (fulfilled by the customer).

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