Supply and
maintenance of valves

Scope of application

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas on-off-shore, tertiary.

  • selection and sizing of regulation and safety valves for the replacement of existing units, for the construction of new plants or for the modification of the process conditions;
  • selection of spare parts recommended for the maintenance of control and safety valves, based on the state of wear;
  • supply of regulating valves, safety valves and related spare parts and accessories;
  • installation of valves in the system;
  • supervision in the plant;
  • technical assistance service;
  • disassembly and reassembly service, repair, overhaul, maintenance, calibration and testing of regulation and safety valves. These activities include:
    • the disassembly of the components and accessories (actuator, positioner, etc.) of the valve;
    • cleaning the valve and its components;
    • control of games and wear;
    • the processing of the seats;
    • the replacement of soft parts;
    • verification of the components of the device (springs, position indicator, end of stroke);
    • cleaning and control of the positioner;
    • the valve test on the test bench;
    • the issue of certificates of seal / calibration.

Sistemi di
protezione catodica

Sudelettra has always been attentive to perceive and meet the needs of its customers, and ready to employ the experiences cumulated in 40 years of activity. Sudelettra has chosen to further increase the quality and the number of offered services by training a part of its technical staff following the most recent European Directives in the field of the CATHODIC PROTECTION and prevention of the corrosion of underground metallic structures such as:

  • Gas and oil transportation pipelines;
  • Tanks for the storage of fluids;
  • General fluid transportation pipelines.

As a consequence, the company has a carefully trained staff, certified to the UNI EN 15257 directive.

Services for existing plants

  • technical surveys on existing plants with the aim to assess their current condition;
  • reconstruction and elaboration of the plant technical documentation;
  • fulfillment of the preliminary investigations which aims to assess the effectiveness of all the parts and components of the cathodic protection systems;
  • assessment of the effectiveness of the cathodic protection systems;
  • assessment of the electrical protection.

Services for new plants

  • design
  • procurement
  • installation
  • pre-tests
  • testing phase and start of the cathodic protection systems of the underground metallic structures.


The company also offers a consultancy activity. Moreover, having completed its learning process at the APCE (Associazione di Protezione dalla Corrosione Elettrolitica), Sudelettra can, in particular cases, request the collaboration of APCE, the only Italian entity which is accredited to perform normative and formative activities.

Fiber optica

Field of application

On-off shore, industrial and tertiary petrochemicals.

Sudelettra has a qualified staff and all the equipments needed to successfully undertake activities related to fiber cables (both monomodal and multimodal) such as:

  • fiber-optic cables installation, considering the required protection depending on the kind of cable and the radii of curvarure;
  • terminations of each fiber-optic for “head-head” connection;
  • instrumental certification of the terminations employing the OTDR technique;
  • junctions completion;
  • junctions certification before their entry into service.

Certification of
gas tax measurement systems

Field of application

On-off shore, industrial and tertiary petrochemicals.

During the last 3-4 years, Sudelettra has been designing, installing and testing gas tax measurement systems. Today, Oggi dopo i primi anni di esercizio di tali sistemi, risulta indispensabile, in accordo con la normativa sulle misure fiscali, esercire dei controlli periodici che dimostrino l’efficienza dei dispositivi di misura e che la loro tolleranza sia sempre contenuta nei limiti consentiti a tali tipi di sistemi dalla Normativa Internazionale. Sudelettra ha elaborato, in accordo a quanto richiesto dai soggetti abilitati al solo controllo delle tolleranze di misura, delle procedure operative dedicate.
The staff of the company is specialized and certified to deploy these procedures and to employ the measurement equipments that are needed to fulfill the assessments and that are, subsequently, approved by third party controlling entities.

ad ultrasuoni

Field of application

On-off shore, industrial and tertiary petrochemicals.

In plants where it is needed to verify the mass flow rate, there is often the need to check the values without stopping the processes. To this end, the staff of Sudelettra is specialized and equipped with special tools able to fulfill measurements by using ultrasounds. After the measurements procedures, some graphs can be analyzed to assess the accuracy of the measurements and evaluating the effectiveness of the measurement tools.