Sudelettra has been involved for many years in the management of numerous maintenance contracts for plants dedicated to the extraction of hydrocarbons or to their refining. In the maintenance management, the Customer usually defines the strategy and the activities to be carried out as the conductor of his plant and develops a maintenance program centered on reliability and commits to this end a dedicated work team.

Sudelettra, as Maintenance Contractor, always nominates its own team consisting of a Site Manager, specialists of various disciplines and other auxiliary figures. The company work group manages the documentation of the plants from EPC contractors and processes the data base for maintenance management according to the guidelines outlined in the contract specifications. In a second moment it elaborates and proposes to the Customer the maintenance plans distinguishing between interventions of:

Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a particular type of preventive maintenance. One or more parameters are monitored in order to predict the time that will have to pass for the next fault to occur. As part of predictive maintenance, Sudelettra carries out the following types of analyzes:

  • vibrational analysis;
  • thermographic analysis;
  • analysis of oils.

The predictive maintenance activities carried out by Sudelettra can be summarized as follows:

  • identification of defects on rolling bearings;
  • rotor unbalance analysis;
  • axes / trees misalignment analysis;
  • analysis of the slackings;
  • analysis of cavitation and turbulence problems of impellers;
  • analysis of electrical problems (overload or contact resistors due to terminal slack);
  • resonance frequency analysis;
  • analysis of belt transmission problems;

and are normally applied to machinery or equipment of the following type:

  • horizontal / vertical centrifugal pumps;
  • alternative pumps;
  • switchboards;
  • agitators;
  • electric engines;
  • fans / blowers.